Some of our most commonly asked questions.

My tools aren't working, I get an error 500 error.

Likely this is due to you not having an OpenAI API key in your account OR your API key is not set up correctly with a card on file in your platfrom.openai.com dashboard. It may also be a billing issue with OpenAI where your account doesn't have enough credits. Please view this video below:

My tools timed out when prompt chaining.

This is due to one of your steps either being duplicated, unmapped, or your request in the prompt instructions isn't giving the step enough tokens. We recommend you use GPT3.5 16K engine for large prompt chained steps, especially if you are recalling back a large output from a previous step to use in the step that's breaking. Please watch the video below to learn about prompt chaining and best practices:

Can I manually iframe toolsets in multiple HighLevel subaccounts?

Yes, you can, on any FormWise plan you get at least 1 toolset. You can take the toolset link and iframe in as many HighLevel subaccounts as you want manually by copying the toolset link and pasting it in your Agency custom menu link settings in HighLevel. Keep in mind all subaccount end users will have access to the same toolset and use the same tools if you make your iframe link setting in HighLevel be shown to all subaccounts. If you wanted each subaccount to use a unique toolset, you would have to manually add that toolset link to that subaccount only in the custom menu link settings in HighLevel.

This is true if you are simply iframing a direct toolset link, not our agency plan integration below.

Agency Plan Integration - iFraming Toolsets In HighLevel

On the FormWise agency plan, we have a direct integration with HighLevel where you can import your subaccounts and control what toolset each subaccount gets, require an OpenAI API key from your subaccounts, and each subaccount gets their own usage response history they can access. Watch the video below about our direct HighLevel integration.

Can I send the AI responses to another app or Zapier?

Yes, you can send the responses to any application that can accept inbound webhooks. The most common being Zapier and the other most common being HighLevel's native workflow inbound webhook trigger. Below are two videos on how to implement either. This is good for the lead magnets / internal tools use case, where you can map both the inputs from the end user using your tool and the AI outputs your tool generates.

How much does OpenAI API usage cost?

You are able to monitor your usage directly in your OpenAI platform dashboard. The pricing depends on the engine model used, the amount of tokens your request took to complete (larger responses), and if your tool is using multiple requests (prompt chaining).

You can view the direct pricing here: https://openai.com/pricing

Can I rebill my FormWise end users that use my tools?

You can't directly rebill your clients but you are able to manually do a few things:

You can request an OpenAI API key from your users and then manually add it to power a toolset (individual tools not available). You can find this setting in the toolsets settings. On our FormWise Agency plan, we have a direct integration with HighLevel for those providing toolsets to their CRM users. With this integration, you have the option to require an OpenAI API key to your end users so they eat the API fees.

How can I restrict my tools so only my paying subscribers have access?

You can gate your tools by embedding in a gating environment that requires a login or password. The most common in our community is HighLevel. However, we've prepared an entire guide here to show you the possibilities of gating/monetizing your tools. We do not provide the gating environment since you can embed your tools and toolsets anywhere using a code block.

I keep getting a "Host not allowed" screen on my tools when embedding or previewing my tool.

This is due to you having either a custom URL embedding permissions setting on at the tool or toolset level and you're trying to view your tool/toolset link in your browser. If you have that on, it's only going to work where you've set your permissions layer to be. It will not work in the browser. That's the security setting doing it's job.

If you're using a custom domain at the toolset level, we do not recommend you try to use custom URL embedding permissions as this will cause conflict with your custom domain.

Can I add CSS to design my tools?

Yes, you can add CSS at the tool level and soon as the toolset level as well. We recommend using a Google Chrome extension for editing the CSS. We do not provide CSS code support. Unforteuntely due to the customizations we do not offer CSS editing support.

Can I delete prompt chain steps?

At the moment we can't delete prompt chain steps, you have to delete the last one until you get to the step you want. We know this isn't ideal, but if we allow prompt steps to be deleted out of order, it can break the tool. Also, your prompts are stored in a dropdown in the prompt instructions, so you don't have to copy paste them if you use them often.

Can I generate charts with my tools?

Yes, simply tell your prompt instructions to return the output in "table format".

Can I generate images with my tools?

No not at the moment but this is on our roadmap to design within our product.

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