Squarespace (Embedding Tools)

Squarespace is a website builder and hosting service that enables users to create professional-looking websites without having to write code. It offers a range of features, including customizable templates, drag-and-drop page builder, e-commerce functionality, and SEO tools, which make it easy for users to create and manage their websites. Squarespace is known for its modern and sleek designs, as well as its user-friendly interface, which makes it a popular choice for individuals, businesses, and creatives who want to showcase their work online.

Integration with Squarespace

Step 1: Get the FormWise Code

The first step to embedding a FormWise form is to obtain the code that you want to use. This code can be found from the Home Page > Share on the form you want to embed.

To add the iframe to your Squarespace website, you need to add a Code Block to your page. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the page where you want to add the iframe.

  2. Click on an insert point on the page where you want to add the iframe.

  3. Click on the "+" icon to add a new block.

  4. Scroll down to the "More" section and select "Code" from the list of blocks.

  5. In the Code Block, click on the "<>" icon to switch to the code editor.

  6. Paste the iframe code that you copied earlier into the code editor.

  7. Click "Apply" to save your changes.

Step 4: Preview your Squarespace website

Finally, you need to preview your Squarespace website to make sure that the iframe is working correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Save your changes.

  2. Click on the "Preview" button in the Squarespace editor to see the preview.

  3. Check that the iframe is displaying correctly.

That's it! You have successfully embedded an iframe into your Squarespace website.


Embedding an FormWise form into your Squarespace site is a straightforward process that can help you display external content on your site. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily add and style a FormWise form to your Squarespace site.

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