Sharing & Adding Toolsets

This resource will discuss sharing your Toolset links and adding new Toolsets from other users' links

Sharing Toolsets

Within your Toolset dashboard, navigate to Embed & Share. You can generate a link which allows any user with the link to create a copy of your Toolset if you share this link.

Once you have generated a link, anybody with this link can create a copy of your Toolset. The link is updated as you change your Toolset, so any changes made to the Tools or Toolset after you generate your link, will reflect your Toolset in its current state.

If you have received a link from another user, you can create a copy of that user's Toolset by navigating to the Toolset's popup.

You then click "Add from Link"

You can now paste the link you received into the "Link" box and once the link is validated, click "Next" and the Toolset and Tools will be copied into your account!

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