GoHighLevel Agency API Integration

The HighLevel Agency integration with Formwise allows Agency owners to import your locations directly into Formwise, and manage each location.

First step is to add your Agency API key into the HighLevel integration on the Integrations tab of the Account page.

First time GoHighLevel Setup


2. Importing your Agency into Formwise

Once the import process has completed, you will be able to manage each sub-account's Toolset from Formwise, or require the sub-account to enter their own API key.

Manually modifing a sub-account's API key

API Key Interactions

When a sub-account's API key is present, Formwise will automatically use that API key, whether it is required or not.

Require OpenAI Key

Requiring an OpenAI Key will prompt the sub-account user to enter their API key upon first viewing your Toolset. Once the API key is stored, the user will not be required to enter it again, unless you remove the key manually from your GHL Portal.

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