Error Reference

If you experience any errors on your forms, this page provides a list of what each corresponding error means.

Page Load Errors

ErrorMeaningAction to take

Host is not allowed to access this form

When iFramed, the form will automatically detect the hosting domain and cross reference the URL List of the form if the URL List is enabled in the settings. If the host URL is not found, this error will be displayed.

Disable the URL List or add the root domain of the hosting URL to the URL List.

Preview form is not allowed to be embedded

The form has detected it is being iframed and will display this message when the Test form is being iframed.

You can iframe the Live form and this will remove the error or you can preview the Test form directly from the Form Editor.

Form Submission Errors

ErrorMeaningAction to take


No valid OpenAI Key found (Pro and Enterprise plans only).

Navigate to your API Key panel in the user settings and add a valid OpenAI key.


The form owner's account subscription failed or was cancelled.

Go to the billing section of your account and provide a valid payment type to reactivate your account.


User not logged in as form creator or collaborator and is accessing a Test form which is for internal testing only.

If sharing your form, ensure you are embedding or sharing the Live form, not the Test form.


Quota exceeded.

Your account's form quota has been exceeded and you will need to upgrade your account.

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