Error 500 Troubleshooting

We are currently working on emails to notify any users of issues with their prompts or OpenAI accounts, however currently you might have noticed a 500 error upon form submission. There are a few things this may mean.

  • Your OpenAI account has reached its limit and needs a valid form of payment or credits added.

  • Your tool's prompt + response has exceeded the maximum tokens of the model powering your tool. Try using a longer context engine like GPT3.5 16K or reducing the amount of text in your prompt. If you are using a data source. ensure you allow enough tokens for both your data source, prompt, and the expected AI output. Lastly, refrain from telling the prompt to only reply back using a certain amount of tokens or character as that may throttle and time out the instructions.

If you notice the error every time, it is likely one of these two issues as we have not had any downtime, but we are working to create more robust alert systems to notify you of any issues going on with your tools.

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