Building & Using Toolsets Overview

Share multiple AI tools in one native page that is 100% embeddable for easy access for your end users. Categorize, add a description, and icon for each tool to make it easy to navigate.

Branding & Theme

Formwise Branding

You can toggle Formwise Branding On or Off. It wil hide any references in the page of Formwise. It will not change the shared link of your tool in the browser.

Category Folder Cards

Category Folder Cards will show a category rather than a list of tools upon page load.

When ON, the user will be able to search your categories seperately from your tools.

Category folder cards ON requires you to create categories and add tools to them.

Tool Count

If enabled and with Category Folder Cards ON. This will display the number of tools within a Category Folder.

If a custom logo is uploaded, it will display the logo in the header next to the searchbar on desktop, or above the searchbar on mobile.

Hide Toolset Name

Hides the toolset name when viewing the toolset. We recommend turning this OFF when you have a logo uploaded.

If Custom Logo is OFF and Toolset Name is OFF the top bar will be hidden on desktop and mobile. It will only show the searchbar instead.


Add Categories here to make your toolset easier to use.

API Keys

You can either use the API key tied to your Formwise account, or you can specify a different API key to only be used when this Toolset is being used.

Domain Permissions

Allow All

Allow All is the default and allows your Toolset to be embedded on any website with no restrictions.

URL List

URL List will check the Allowed Websites you have defined when the page loads, and show or hide the Toolset if the URL hosting the Toolset matches any of the URLs you have defined in the list.

When using a URL List, viewing the Toolset directly is blocked as security feature. It prevents users from extracting the iframe URL from your website and circumventing any paywalls you have in place.

Allowed Websites

Case sensitive list of URLs which Formwise will check against if you have URL List selected.

Custom Domains

Allows you to set a custom domain for your Toolset. This works similar to an iframe and we do not recommend using this function when embedding your tool.

Embed & Share

Allows you to share a link with any user that allows them to make their own copy of your toolset. It will not share your API key if you are using one.



Controls the width and height of the iframe.

A direct link to your Toolset. If you are using a URL List as specified in the Domain Permissions, this link will not work and you will have to share the site which is hosting your tool.


Cached Responses

When enabled, Cached Responses saves the response to a question and will autopopulate the field if the user visits a form with the same question ID.

Delete Toolset

Deletes your Toolset. Does not affect your individual Tools.

Tool Settings


Adds your tool to a category.


The description which is displayed on the Tool card when in the Toolset.


Controls whether the tool itself is locked. This is useful for when you have multiple variations of a toolset for separate tiers of your paywalled platform.

Use Alternative Description

If Locked, display an alternative description. This is useful if you want to tell the user this is only available on specific plans.

Description when Locked

The alternative description when "Use Alternative Description" is checked and the tool is locked.

Use Uploaded Icon

Overrides the Lock icon when a tool is locked. It also overrides the built-in Formwise icon library if you have selected one.

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